Violetta’s View

Splurge on a quality sofa/sectional:

Just about everyone has a budget so I always recommend investing in a quality sofa for your family or living space. You can save on side tables, accessories, table lamps but don’t skimp on your sofa which will get lots of use and needs to be sturdy and comfortable.

Musts: Solid wood and quality joint construction, spring down cushions, and a durable fabric.

Shop your home:

On my initial walk through in a client’s home I always keep my eyes open for unique underutilized pieces that would work better in another part of the home. By seeing everything with fresh eyes this is a clever way to save money in your design budget. Repurposing is better than recycling!

Consider Wallpaper:

I can say that hands down wallpaper is one of the best ways to make a statement in any space. Today’s wallpaper offers so many options and is so well engineered that the finished product usually takes your breath away and you wonder why you ever hesitated!!

How about a Gallery Wall:

You don’t have to invest in expensive art (although if your budget allows there is nothing more exciting than purchasing an original piece of artwork.) An interesting and eye-catching gallery wall can be made with a collection of various sentimental pieces such as children’s art, family photos, vintage finds, the whole idea is to hang the items clustered together and then keep adding on new pieces as you find them.

Antiques and Vintage:

Whatever your design sensibility an antique piece can be the perfect element in even the most modern space. Antiques are almost always of quality construction and the character of a piece can add depth and interest to any space.

Less is More:

If you can’t hire an interior designer to navigate the design and set up of your home then dear readers heed my advice: Don’t buy furniture or objects that you don’t love just to finish a room or complete your home!! You will 99% regret those purchases. If at all possible, leave spaces unfinished so you can proceed at your own pace and acquire things that really work for your tastes and lifestyle.